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Frequently Asked Questions

What if our organization already has some in-house IT support?

We often work in concert with our clients' in-house staff. We can provide either more senior or more junior levels of support depending on the specific client needs. Because of our team encompasses a range of certified skill sets, we are able to provide a complete service solution that's customizable to our clients.

Can Cobalt IT Consulting be our complete IT provider?

For the small or medium sized organization, this is the ideal solution. Your organization will receive the same benefits large enterprises get with a dedicated IT staff at less than the cost of a single IT employee. We have a broad range of technical expertise and technology partners to help with areas that we don't specialize. This allows us to be the single solution point for our customers.

Will we have a consistent technician?

No. However, what you will receive is a whole team of technicians who have been trained to monitor your systems and to support your needs whatever they might be.

What if we have an emergency after business hours?

Our normal business hours are 8:30AM – 5:30PM EST, however, in the event of after-hours emergencies, our friendly on-call staff is available for assistance 24 hours a day. We will respond to your needs immediately.

What is your guarantee?

Our team is dedicated to making your company a success. If you are not functioning at optimum performance, we are not happy and the job is not done.

How does the monthly fee work?

Clients pay a monthly fee based on the size of your network and the level of support that you choose. Then, they sit back and relax knowing that everything is going to be just fine.

Support levels can be reviewed upon request.

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10 Tips from the ICCA

Hiring a Computer Consultant

  1. Be wary of the consultant who attempts to ‘snow you’ with technical jargon.
  2. Listening is a virtue.
  3. Check references carefully.
  4. Ask about the consultant’s relationships with vendors.
  5. Inquire about the consultant’s objectivity.
  6. Determine who the consultant’s backup will be.
  7. Consultant Accountability.
  8. An hourly or daily rate does not tell the whole story.
  9. Membership in a computer association adds legitimacy.
  10. Ask how long the project will take.

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Client Comments

“Cobalt Consulting has literally kept my practice going. The prices are fair, there are never any surprises. I have referred clients, and they are constantly thanking me for that.”

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